Smores Cake

S’mores Desserts-Celebrating a Classic

S’mores Trio

S’mores dessert is an american classic and there are multiple ways to showcase this awesome snack.  I never met a s’mores treat that I didn’t love as there are so many great ways to make this into many desserts.  Possible options are a cake, cupcakes, and mini tarts.   

By far, the classic way of eating them over a campfire truly is the best way to get in there and get your hands messy and enjoy the gooey deliciousness of the melted chocolate and marshmallows with the crunch of the graham crackers,  yum!  

Here are three of my favorite ways to enjoy this dessert  that are equally as fun to devour and will want you coming back for more!

Smores CakeS’mores Cake

Here is a fun s’mores dessert that is featured into a cake that you can decorate with your own creative style.  Most importantly is using the classic components of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

Use your favorite chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream/icing for your foundation for the cake (pictured here). 

I use the miniature Hershey chocolate bars and toasted the marshmallows with a kitchen torch for that authentic look, both regular and mini marshmallows work great.  

Another awesome touch would be to drizzle melted chocolate or melted chocolate candy melts on the top.  The presentation factor will have your guests mouths-watering ready to dive in. 

S’mores Cupcakes

These are some of my favorite and most popular cupcakes and always are top sellers.   They are so popular with kids and even teenagers love them and are a great cupcake for anytime of the year!

You can make these with your favorite chocolate cake recipe.  I used a vanilla buttercream with a star tip to decorate each cupcake.   Then, sprinkled them with graham cracker crumbs, topped with a mini Hershey candy and a “s’mores” version marshmallow.  Whats great about these is they come already flattened and rectangular in shape.  The marshmallows are then roasted with a kitchen torch.

Be careful not to melt the buttercream when roasting.
*You can also use a Hershey kiss in place of the mini chocolate bar.

S’mores Tarts

Mini smores tarts with chocolate ganache filling and toasted marshmallow topping

Another s’mores desserts are these cute mini tarts that are a one bite party in your mouth and a great fall dessert to enjoy during pie season.

For the crust, a basic pie crust recipe works here.  Round cutters cut out circles of dough a little bigger than the mini muffin pan. I then placed them in a mini muffin pan, pricked the sides and bottom gently with a fork, baked them till they were lightly golden brown.

Once cooled, I filled them with chocolate ganache, sprinkled them with graham cracker crumbs and cut a large marshmallow in half and placed them on each tart.  A kitchen torch roast the marshmallows for that authentic look and taste.

You can also add 2-3 mini marshmallows on top of the ganache and roast them the same way.

Simply Delicious!!!

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