collection of homemade lunchbox favorite desserts

Snack Cakes-Retro Remakes

collection of homemade lunchbox favorite desserts

Growing up, snack cakes were something I looked forward to in my lunchbox as a kid each day, one of the best parts about school! When the bell rang for lunch I could hardly wait to see what sweet treat was inside mom would pack. Here are some of my favorite snack cakes in retro remakes.

Snack Cake Favorites

Hmmm, I can’t decide which Little Debbie Snack Cake I liked best. If I had to pick, it would be between a Swiss roll, fudge round, or raisin creme cakes. Mmmm, I still love them to this day. However, I don’t eat as much of them but can now make my own when the cravings hit, yeah!

I remember unrolling the swiss rolls and picking off the chocolate topping and eating them slowly to make that goodness last as long as I could!

There were a few snack cakes that were “Not on my favorite list” like the Nutty Buddies and Star Crunch. Could never get into those!

Let me share some of my favorite redo recipes of these classic snacks.

Raisin Creme Pies

Raisin Creme Whoopie Pie

First up is the Raisin Creme Pie. Brings back so many memories as I would pick out the raisins and eat those first and the yummy filling inside. Oh, so good. I’m so happy they are still selling those.

The cake is a delicious light and fluffy recipe I got from an Amish Cookbook. Buttermilk gives this cake its moist texture.

Swiss Rolls-Inside Out

Admittingly, Swiss Cake Rolls were my all-time favorites. What is not to love about these guys. Chocolate cake rolled around a light and yummy vanilla filling. Gosh, I just love eating these. Even better, you get two cakes in one package, BONUS!

Here, I do a classic swiss roll and an inside out version that is flipped. Chocolate filling and a vanilla cake topped with a white chocolate coating.

I can’t decide which version that I like better, they are equally delicious and fun to make. Yes, they are a labor of love but worth every minute.

Brownies-Black and White

Remember those Cosmic Fudge Brownies that came two to a pack? Lathered with a chocolate icing on top and a few sprinkles of walnuts. Those guys showed up quite a bit in my lunchbox. What is not to love about a brownie, right?

My version takes a yummy chocolate brownie that is topped with vanilla and chocolate buttercream icing that is piped on top. Replacing that smooth fudge icing on top of the delicious classic version.

Inspiration for these brownies come from the classic “Black and White Cookie.”

black and white brownies on a tray

To seal the deal with these brownies is a chocolate drizzle that brings it all home for a Black and White Brownie remake.

Devil Cremes-Ultimate Snack Cakes

No surprise that I loved Devil Cremes since they are a play on the swiss roll in that they are a chocolate cake with a vanilla creamy center. But, these cakes were tradionally in a long oval version.

Chocolate Whoopie pie snack cakes with raspberry buttercream filling and chocolate drizzle

They remind me so much Suzy Q’s which are similar. I remember placing these packaged in the freezer and pulling one out eating them semi frozen. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But, they were so good.

My version is similar that chocolate cake is the star of the show, but the filling is raspberry and coconut in the form of Chocolate Whoopie Pies.

Chocolate Whoppie pie snack cakes with a coconut vanilla filling

The cake is so chocolaty and delicious encased with a coconut and raspberry buttercream. The flavors merry so well together and totally addicting if you love chocolate!

Oatmeal Cream Pie Snack Cake

Of course we can’t forget this awesome classic, the Oatmeal Cream Pie. Yum! When I see these on the grocery store shelf I smile because it brings back so many memories!

I love the homemade version and load it with extra cream filling!

Oatmeal Cream Pie snack cakes on a plate

Raspberry Zingers

My recent adaption of favorite snack cakes is the Raspberry Zinger. Did you have these in your lunch boxes? Oh, my goodness, when I see them in the stores, I just want to grab one so much. Vanilla cake, raspberry taste, coconut, and fluffy filling. Yum! These tastes just like the real thing! Try them!!!

raspberry zinger cakes sliced

Future Creations

Stay tuned for future redo classics….

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