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Southern Style-Doughnut, Crossiant, or Muffin?

Recently, I made a move to my new home, some 800 miles away; leaving the Mid-Atlantic to venture back to my southern roots. Of course, waiting for me was great food that never disappoints, especially sweet treats. Two of my recent adventures led me to some southern style doughnuts or were they crossiants or muffins? By the way, I never met a doughnut I didn’t like….

Crossiant or Muffin?

First up, is a small bakery located in Huntsville, Al, also known as Rocket City where the NASA Rocket and Space Museum is located. If you are ever in the area, highly recommend you check it out!

Moon Bakeshop

Just off the tick of the downtown hub is The Moon Bakeshop. Eclectic and simple is what comes to mind upon entering. Their menu is simple yet satisfying for every coffee lover and sweet tooth.

moon bake shop menu
moon bake shop store front
bakeshop sign

The Cruffin

However, they are known for their creative pastry called the “Cruffin” At first, I was taken back when I saw this beauty. Hmmm was it a muffin, or maybe it was a crossiant? All I know it looked delcious and I just had to order to check it out myself.

Buttery, flaky pastry was wrapped around an almond pastry cream and coated with cinnamon and sugar. One bite and you’ll be thanking the sugar fairy there is more to enjoy!

Absolutely delicious! On the outside it looks like a muffin, but the palate tells me its definitely a crossiant. Creatively taking on its muffin cousin!

Doughnut or Crossiant?

Next up, a fun and delightful doughnut shop located just outside of downtown Franklin, TN. Located just south of Nashville is a delightful doughnut shop that will make you want to come back again and again.

5 Daughters Bakery

5 Daughters Bakery is a fun and delightful doughnut shop and family owned business.

Ironically, the morning before my visit to Franklin, TN; I saw a show on TV highlighting this sweet little bakery. The bakery is named after this sweet couples 5 daughters. I couldn’t wait to swing by and check out these amazing doughnuts!

The bakery is located inside a multi complex of shops just outside of the downtown of Franklin, TN (they also have a location in Nashville). Unique in its collection of stores located in an old manufacturing plant, now turned retail shops and eateries.

5 daughters bakery pink sign

Love the signs outside the bakery decorated in pink (which so happens to be my favorite color). Upon entering, I was excited to see the doughnuts behind the display and overwhelmed by their wonderful flavors.

100 Layer Doughnut

5 Daughters is known for their famous 100 layered doughnuts! The dough is layered much like a laminated dough used to make crossiants. Did I mention, they looked a mile high?

Check out their video in how they make these delightful discs of goodness.

The Chocolate Milkshake first caught me eye and I thought, I might just have to indulge in that one. However, upon seeing the Coconut Cream Pie version, I was hooked.

You guessed it, we walked out with both! My family and I could hardly wait to sink our teeth into these beauties.

Coconut is one of my all-time favorite flavors of anything. So this was right up my alley. The doughnut was full of coconut cream filling that went perfectly with the flaky layers of dough, and crunchy sugar outside. Finished off with a light and delicious coconut buttercream. Absolutely without a doubt, coconut cream pie wrapped up in a glorious doughnut.

My husband and son dove quickly into the chocolate milkshake that was topped with a chocolate ganache and icing piped on top. Yum, yum!

Doughnut or Crossiant? I think they were a little of both!

Yes we did some damage to our calorie counts and waistlines but it was well worth it! We will definitely be back!!!

If you are ever in Huntsville or Franklin, definitely check out these fun bakeshops!

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