inside a fried strawberry pie

Strawberry Fried Pies-Celebrating the Season

strawberry fried pies on a platter with fresh strawberries

It’s strawberry season!!! Yeah! Boy do I look forward to the season where so many delicious fruits are ripe to perfection just calling out to be used for something magical. Spotting these beautiful strawberries in a local farmers market, I immediately thought, Strawberry Fried Pies!

Inspiration-Farmers Market

One of the things I love to do this time of year is visit the local farmers markets and fresh produce galore! Oh goodness, I’m like a kid in the candy store and scanning all the amazing selections of fantastic fruits and veggies. What totally knocked me over is these incredible, ruby, red strawberries. Wow! There is no way I’m leaving without these beauties.

strawberry baskets in farmers market

Absolutely nothing like fresh berries straight from the fields located behind the the produce stands. Honestly, I can’t recall seeing strawberries look so good. Of course, I snatched a basket and couldn’t wait to get home and create something amazing.

What is truly wonderful about farmers markets is how they inspire your creativity by what you find. By the way, I had to grab some beautiful zucchini too. That’s for another day though.

So Many Ideas……

On my drive home I’m thinking of the many ways to highlight these beautiful strawberries. So many ideas spinning in my head, pies, tarts, cake????? Then it comes to me, Strawberry Fried Pies!!! Of course, why not??!!

fresh strawberries in a colander

Can I say I have never met a fried pie that I didn’t like. Growing up in Atlanta and going to one of the city’s iconic food joints, The Varsity! Home of the BEST chili dogs and FRIED PIES! Mercy me, they are incredible. My favorite is the Peach Fried Pie. Seriously, I could eat about 2-3 of these. Truly spectacular.

Ever in ATL, definitely visit The Varsity, you will not be disappointed. And, you MUST try a fried pie!

Lets Do This

Fried pies are pretty simple just having three basic components:

  • Pie dough (Homemade or store bought)
  • Filling
  • Glaze


inside a fried strawberry pie

Pie dough options include a homemade version or store bought. If making homemade, use just a one crust recipe. Store bought works great in a pinch and allows for a quick and easy option.

Crust, gets rolled out and I use a 3 3/4″ round cutter to cut out circles, perfect for mini pie size.

Strawberry Fried Pies Filling

For the filling, I take these beautiful strawberries and cook them down with some sugar for a great strawberry compote. It’s thickened with a little cornstarch and then some fresh diced berries are added in the end.

strawberry filling

The Recipe

Strawberry Filling

  • 3/4 cup fresh strawberries
  • 2 TBS sugar
  • 1/4 tsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp water
  • 1/4 cup diced strawberries

In a small saucepan, cook the 3/4 c strawberries and sugar on medium heat till combined and the sugar is melted. Mix the cornstarch and water and add to the berry mixture and cook for one minute on a slow boil till thickened. Remove from the stove and add in the diced strawberries. Cool slightly and place in the refrigerator to firm slightly.

Assembling the Pie’s

  • One tablespoon of filling is placed in the center of each pie crust circle.
  • Egg wash (one egg + 1 TBS water) is brushed around the edges of each circle
  • Each pie circle is folded in half over the filling to create a crescent shape
  • A fork dipped in the egg wash and then used to seal each pie by pressing down on the edges
  • Into the fridge they go to chill before frying

Time To Fry

Vegetable oil is placed in a deep skillet and heated to 350 degrees. Pies are fried two at a time till lightly golden brown, then drained on paper towels to cool.

fried pies cooled on a sheet pan

Strawberry Glaze

Finishing touch is a super easy and tasty strawberry glaze. Simply made by combining:

  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • 2 TBS milk
  • Drop of strawberry flavoring

The pies are dipped face down into the glaze and placed on a rack to harden. Mmmmm, I couldn’t wait to try one! They reminded me much of those delicious pies from the Varsity.

Perfect as this flavored glaze accents this delicious and amazing Strawberry Fried Pies!

strawberry fried pies on a plate

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