sliced jellyroll bread

Strawberry Jellyroll Bread

Strawberry Jellyroll bread loaf

Strawberry jam is maybe my favorite flavor of jelly/jam. Hmmmm, maybe my second favorite behind blueberry. There is so much you can do with this in baking. In addition to, another favorite of mine is the jelly roll. It’s such a simple and delicious dessert. This fun bread combines the idea of the jelly roll into a “cinnamon like roll” bread for a yumstastic Strawberry Jellyroll Bread.

Instead of making individual strawberry rolls, I combined them all into one bread loaf for a fun slice and eat bread.

Strawberry Jellyroll Bread is perfect for breakfast or alongside your dinner for a slightly sweet accompaniment. For dinners growing up, we always had bread with our meals and this would of been a great addition.

Love the effect when the bread is sliced and you can see layers of strawberry jam inside. Yum!

sliced jellyroll bread inside layers

The Recipe

The recipe is a simple sweet roll dough, enriched with butter that can be refrigerated overnight. Furthermore, it makes is super easy to put together without having to wait for the dough to rise. With that, makes the dough ready to roll and fill.

Strawberry Jam or Jelly

Homemade jam would work wonderfully here. Although, I use my favorite smuckers low sugar strawberry jam.

Making the Jellyrolls

After a stint in the refrigerator overnight, the dough is set out at room temperature to allow to warm up slightly. Afterwards, it gets a little punch down and then rolled out similar to making cinnamon rolls.

rolling out sweet dough into a rectangle

Jam is then spread in thin layer across the dough leaving about 1/2″ border on all sides. Thin is the key here, too much jam and it will come out during the rolling process.

jam spread on rolled out sweet dough
Thin layer of jam is spead

Roll, roll, roll, the dough goes starting with the long end. Similar, this is the same process just like making cinnamon rolls. Next, its placed in the refrigerator about an hour to firm up for easy cutting.

After a short stint in the fridge, the dough gets cut into 1″ rolls. Also, I like to use a serrated knife for easy cutting.

Forming the Jellyroll Bread

Now, we are ready to create the loaf. Baking tools used here is a simple loaf pan is all you need. The pan gets greased well and then the rolls are placed inside.

First, I line the perimeter of the pan with the rolls, about 3 on the long sides and 1 on the short edges.

Second, I place rolls down the center, then repeat the center with more rolls.

lining pan with strawberry rolls

Third, the bread gets covered with a dry towel and allow to rise till almost doubled, about an hour.

risen strawberry rolled bread in a bread loaf pan
Risen and ready for the oven

Ready for the oven, it’s preheated to 350 and bakes about 15-20 minutes till slightly brown on the edges.

baked strawberry bread
Baked and ready for a drizzle

Once cooled, a delicious bath of the traditional powdered sugar/milk mixture while I fight hard not to dig in!

I love how you can peel away a section at a time and not feel bad about it!

Strawberry Jellyroll

Strawberry Jellyroll bread

Once you try it, you won’t be able to stop eating it!

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