sandwich cookie varieties

Sweet Sandwich Cookies

sandwich cookie varieties

Sandwich Cookies make just about anyone smile! As a lover of all things sweet, there is something about a cookie loaded with cream that takes me back to being a kid. Maybe it’s the traditional OREO that started it all? How did you eat yours? Altogether, or separated to eat all the cream inside first. I put together some of my favorite Sweet Sandwich Cookies with a variety of flavor and textures to keep the tradition going.

Oreo Sandwich Cookies

Speaking of Oreo’s, let’s start here. Of course, they get first nod being they just have a special place in my heart and tummy! These cookies are super simple to make and are amazing sandwich cookies. However, to put a different spin on them I use cookie stamps on the dough to give a really neat texture and look to these.

cookie stamps three versions

Really love the different stamp designs and the deep chocolate cookie with the vibrant white buttercream filling. Just like the original Oreo but much better 🙂 Here is a great link to how to use cookie stamps.

Oreo Sandwich Cookies-Three Ways

I experimented with three versions of Oreo’s.

Peanut Butter SandwichX2

First, PB cookies are so special they get two versions! One is a Chocolate PB Version, double chocolate that is. The filling is half chocolate, half peanut butter buttercream. Check out how I make them. Dusting them with powdered sugar takes it to the next level!

Secondly, one of my latest favorites is this PBM (Peanut Butter Mousse) definitely gets fan favs in the sandwich cookies department. It’s fantastic! I LOVE peanut butter, so much I probably eat it every day in my smoothie or on toast. Crispy cookie with a Peanut Butter filling that is so light and yummy.

Fudge Rounds

What can I say about Fudge Rounds. Absolute favorite of mine and had many of these delicious chocolate gems in many lunch boxes. I could eat so many of these I still love them to this day but making them at home is definitely a special treat that takes me back.

Hands down awesome sandwich cookies!!!

chocolate cookie with chocolate buttercream
One of my all-time favorites!

Oatmeal Creme Pies

I’m wondering if anyone didn’t have one of these classic lunch box goodies? Aww, the Oatmeal Creme Pie. I think behind Fudge Rounds and Swiss rolls, these were definitely up in the top three.

oatmeal cookies with vanilla buttercream on a plate
Top 3

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Another great way to create sandwich cookies is with ice cream!!! Yum, these are so perfect in the summer. However, you can enjoy them year-round! Gosh I know I ate so many ice cream sandwiches when I was a kid. The ones in the frozen section that you couldn’t wait to unwrap and dive into! They just melted in your mouth; they still do.

Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwich

These patriotic sandwich treats get a red and blue look to celebrate America! Sprinkles top it off for a great celebratory look to enjoy for the 4th!

Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies

chocolate cookie with a vanilla ice cream stacked cookies
Soft, chewy, and creamy

When it comes to ice cream sandwiches, chocolate vanilla is just so traditional and so good that you can’t depart from the classic. I think chocolate and vanilla were always meant to be together.


The cookie is a brownie like cookie with little flour and so chewy and soft. Its a perfect component for the ice cream.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is super easy recipe you can just whip up on the stove quickly. Once the ice cream base cools overnight in the fridge, I freeze it in my ice cream freezer, pour it into a 9×13 baking pan and freeze till firm.

Once frozen, I take a round cutter that just smaller than the cookie size and cut out ice cream rounds to place on the cookie, then topped off with the other cookie.

filling ice cream between two cookies
Round cutters make this super simple to place in between cookies

Spreading the ice cream in the baking pan makes assembling these super easy and simple.

Whoopie Pies

collection of whoopie pies

Last but certainly not least, is a definite love of mine of whoopie pies. What incredible sandwich cookies these are!!! I remember the first time I had one of these was from an Amish bakery in Maryland. Truly, love at first site. I loved how the soft cake melted in your mouth with a cream y filling. I wanted to eat a plethora of them! Chocolate-Vanilla was by far my favorite flavor.

I grabbed an Amish Cookbook and there was a recipe inside and it’s been history ever since. The Amish can bake some amazing things!!!

Some of my favorite creations:

  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Brooklyn Blackout
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Apple Pie
  • Black Forest
  • Birthday Cake
  • Spiced
  • Raisin Creme

I was determined to start making some of my own and I put a collection of my favorites’ together in this Whoopie Pie Post. Hope you will try one or two and become a fan as much as I am.

My next creation is looking to use the amazing flavor of lemon and blueberry. Stay tuned!

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