triple chocolate pave sliced on a plate with sauce

Triple Chocolate Pave

triple chocolate pave dessert on a plate

Pave’s are basically layered desserts served individually. Typically, they consist of mousse and cake layered alternately for a delicious and fancy dessert. This Triple Chocolate Pave was created with inspiration in my prior days working in corporate catering in the bakeshop. Absolutely delicious.

Pave’s do require some steps and time but they are well worth it. First, the cake needs to be made, a thin cake works best. Second, a mousse is made to layer between the cake layers. Once those are made, they are assembled and placed in the refrigerator or freezer to firm up.

Lastly, a dark chocolate glaze is poured over the desserts for a show stopping finale.

Baking Equipment-Silicone Mold

rectangle baking mold

For this Triple Chocolate Pave, I use a rectangular silicon mold to get a perfect shape and consistency for every individual dessert. Silicone molds are perfect for mousse desserts as they pop right out and produce identical desserts. Also, I like to freeze these before they are glazed which makes removing them much easier.

Triple Chocolate Pave Components

This pave has two basic parts:

  • Flourless Chocolate Cake
  • White Chocolate Mousse
  • Dark Chocolate Glaze

Cake Layers- Flourless

For the cake for this Triple Chocolate Pave, I use a scrumptious flourless chocolate cake as it bakes up super thin and perfect for this pave. Not to mention, its absolutely delicious. Flourless cake it just as its name, no flour. The cake gets its mechanical leavening from the heat in the oven. Lightened with egg whites.

Flourless cake is made by mixing egg yolks and sugar till thick and ribbonry. Melted semisweet chocolate gets added in and whipped egg whites are gently folded into the mixture to create a light and airy cake.

The cake is is spread in a sheet pan which allows it to bake thinner compared to other baking pans. Additionally, this method of using the sheet pan makes cutting the rectangle pieces of cake for the molds much easier!

chocolate dessert on a plate with sauce

White Chocolate Mousse

Next, the white chocolate mousse is made and its light and delicious, not too sweet. White chocolate is a great marriage with this flourless chocolate cake. Great tip I learned from making many individual mousse desserts, when you whip the cream to fold into the mousse, whip it until very soft, not liquid and before peaks are formed.

This makes is easier to pipe into the individual molds.

Dark Chocolate Glaze

Final part to this dessert is a delicious dark chocolate glaze that is made on the stove and poured right over the assembled mousse and cake after it cools. This completes this triple chocolate pave that totally melts in your mouth from the first bite till the end.

Assembling the Pave

First step, the cake is baked and cooled. I like to chill this in the fridge to make it easy to slice into small rectangles, just a bit smaller than the size of the mold. I use the bottom of the rectangle to make paper pattern.

Second, the white chocolate mousse is made and placed into a piping bag.

Third, a layer of mousse is placed into each mold. Followed by a cake layer and repeated, ending with mousse. Each dessert will have three layers of mousse and two layers of cake.

cake layers in a mold

Fourth, the mold with the desserts is placed in the freezer to firm up, then popped out and placed on a parchment lined sheet pan and kept in the freezer till the glaze is made.

Last step, is making the dark chocolate glaze. Once made, it is put into a bowl to cool slightly before pouring over the frozen mousse desserts.

dark chocolate glaze cooling in a bowl

Once glazed I return these to the fridge to hang out before serving. I can hardly wait.


There is really endless ways you can serve this dessert, here are some ideas for a sauce and garnishes:

  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Creme Anglasie (vanilla sauce)
  • Strawberry or Raspberry Sauce
  • Fresh Whipped Cream
  • Shaved Chocolate

I love creme anglaise and it really goes perfectly with this dessert. Truly versatile to serve with many desserts. Definitely one to keep in your back pocket.

For fun, I take the creme anglaise and place in a circle on the plate, then place rings of chocolate sauce inside. Then I take a toothpick and drag the rings from center to the end to give that spiderweb design. Create your own design, have some fun!

Triple Chocolate Pave’s are placed in the center and garnished with fresh whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Not only is this a show stopper but one of the best parts is slicing into it and seeing all the layers! Aww …..the fruits of ones labor! 🙂 The reward is definitely getting to eat what you created, and share it with others!

triple chocolate pave sliced on a plate with sauce

Hope you are inspired to try layered desserts with your favorite mousses and cakes. Experiment and create other great creations with different molds that are out there! Sky’s the limit!!!

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    1. Hi Elle
      Thank you so much for that! I’m sooo glad you enjoyed the post and taking the time to send your encouraging words!!! 🙂

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