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Tyler’s Ultimate

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Tyler’s Ultimate Cookbook

Tyler’s Cookbook, “Tyler’s Ultimate” ranks up as one of my favorite cookbooks for both savory eats and desserts. Packed full of yummy recipes that are simple and delicious. I’m not sure which is my ultimate favorite but every recipe I’ve tried has been fantastic.

Table of Contents

Tyler's Ultimate Cookbook Table of Contents
Table of Contents-Tyler’s Ultimate

The list of Table of Contents is pretty traditional for cookbook standards. The recipes are unique and have a rustic flare that leaves you wanting to try them all.

Tyler Florence-Food Network

Many years ago, I discovered Tyler Florence watching Food Network. I loved his recipes and shows and learned a lot about his cooking. Always having a passion and inspirational love of food, hooked me in as I waited for the next episode and recipes he would make.

Even tried many of those and loved them all. With that, purchasing the cookbook was a no brainer for me and its been a favorite I’ve used throughout the years.

Cookbook Favorites

Let me share some of my favorites:

Caramelized Onion Toast Recipe

Yum, perfect for any appetizer. Small bread rounds loaded with caramelized onions, parmesan cheese, and olives. I left out the anchovies because I’m not a huge fan. A great classic go-to appetizer recipe anytime of the year.

Tyler’s Ultimate-BBQ Ribs

Boy, am I so glad I tried this recipe. Definitely ranks up there with my family’s all time favs. Slow cooked in the oven, then based with the most incredible BBQ sauce. Homemade that is, super simple and there is no going back once you have stovetop BBQ sauce. This sauce has a hint of sweetness from the molasses and brown sugar.

Being from the south, that is my kind of sauce. He even has a Peach BBQ sauce that is out of this world.

Tyler’s Ultimate-Greek Salad

Super simple as Greek can be, all the traditional components of a classic Greek salad including romaine, kalamata olives, feta, tomatoes, cucumbers. Topped with a delicious and quick vinaigrette with lots of oregano and thyme. Delicious!

Other Tyler Florence Ultimate Recipes

Few other of my favorites you must try:

  • Coconut Shrimp and Basmati Rice
  • Scallop Saltimbocca (Husband made this for me for Mother’s Day)
  • Cold Pasta Salad with Rost Chicken, Plums, and Blue Cheese

Tyler’s Ultimate Recipe Finale

Of course, I saved the best for last, and it just so happens to be chocolate! If you get your hands on a copy of this recipe or find the chocolate recipe on Food Network site, it is a definite must try! You will be soooo happy you did! You can get the recipe from link above.

Since it is my husband and myself, I half the recipe and bake it in a smaller springform pan and it’s a perfect serving for 4.

Cracked Chocolate Earth is such a great name for this Tyler’s Ultimate recipe. Wow, I remember the first time I made it. It’s an experience in itself watching it bake, then fall (but for a good reason).

Additionally, it’s gluten free and only contains:

  • Butter
  • Chocolate
  • Eggs
  • Sugar

Very similar to a flourless chocolate cake. While cooking it rises in the oven and is light as a feather. Once removed it sinks just a bit to resemble a “cracked earth.”

This recipe is out of the world amazing. It is incredible light but loaded with chocolate flavor and just an amazing chocolate dessert you will love if you are a mad dog choc-acholic! Outstanding!!!

Perfect accompaniment would be a scoop of vanilla ice cream, an incredible chocolate vanilla combination.

Some of my other favorite cookbooks:

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