chocolate valentines day cupcakes with surprise red center with red and pink icing

Valentines Cupcakes-Celebrating Red and Pink

PInk and Red iced chocolate cupcakes

One thing I love about Valentine’s Day is the colors, pink and red. Along with my love of chocolate, there is nothing like a chocolate cake wearing pink and red icing to highlight the beloved celebration. These Valentines Cupcakes totally fit that bill.

I wanted to ramp up the traditional cupcake and put a new holiday spin on it highlighting the traditional valentine colors.

Valentines Cupcakes-Chocolate All the Way

Chocolate was my first experiment. I wanted to combine delicious chocolate cake with a surprise red center to highlight the icing colors on top and give it that classic valentine touch, or least that is where my imagination was taking me.

Little Red Velvet

I took my grandmothers traditional red velvet cake recipe ( just love this cake) and prepared half a recipe. I baked the cake into a 1/4 sheet pan. Then used a small round circle cutter to cut out small circles of cake to place in the inside of the cupcake.

Preparing the Surprise

After preparing a great sour cream chocolate cake recipe, I placed a small amount of batter in the bottom of each cupcake liner, just enough to cover. I love these red polka dot cupcake liners, perfect for these Valentines Cupcakes.

Also of note, you can use your favorite chocolate cake recipe.

Then I placed the red velvet circle on top of that. I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out since the red velvet cake was already baked and how it would hold up in the raw batter.

chocolate cupcake batter with a red velvet circle cake on top

I then place more chocolate cupcake batter on top filling each cupcake liner about 3/4 full to cover the red cake completely.

They are baked off and cooled. I’m so curious to cut inside of one to see how the inside turned out to see if my experiment was successful…..And better yet, how it tasted.


Making the Buttercream

I prepared a recipe of my favorite buttercream icing and colored it red and pink. Then placed each color in a piping bag with a coupler so you can change out the tips.

Gathering Your Tips

I took a few different types of tips consisting of the plain and star tips. I used them to pipe out different designs on each cupcake, trying to mix up design and color on the top of each cupcake. Trying to fill in all the gaps of cake with an icing design.

Valentines Cupcakes-Creating Your Own Design

You can design this in your own way, and use your own favorite decorating tips to create your own look. There is no wrong way to do this.

If you find you have some surface of the cupcakes showing through you can always pipe in small tiny dots to cover those areas.


The finished cupcakes not only looks amazing but wait till you bite inside of each one and see the surprise that awaits you.

The red velvet cake didn’t taste dry at all, as it was baked a second time. It was really a delicious combination. Two of my favorite flavors of cake in one tasty cupcake.

Chocolate sour cream cupcake with red and pink icing
Love the surprise inside! Chocolate and red velvet, a great combination!

Other Valentines Delights:

Happy Valentine’s Day

Make something special for your valentine this season!

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