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Whimsical Cakes

Whimsical Bakehouse Cookbook

Whimsical Cakes makes me smile. Simply, hearing the world whimsical, I’m immediately intrigued, and my curiosity will lure me into wanting to learn more.  “The Whimsical Bake House” cookbook definitely takes the cake on that (no pun intended) and full of fun and unique cake ideas that will inspire any cake decorator.

Special Thank You

A special thank you to one of my dearest friends for sending this to me for a birthday gift some years back.  Truly a gem for my library and one book I love to look at over and over.

Whimsical Cakes-Colors and Design

This book is full of great cake recipes and whimsical cake techniques working with wafer chocolate (candy melts) to make fun and unique designs and transfers to place on cakes.  The piping techniques and mostly made with buttercream and there is even a great how-to tips section in piping.

Personally, there is nothing like a cake decorated solely with buttercream to bring in piping skill and style to a cake.   With fondant being prominent in making beautiful cakes, I’m still kind of old school cake decorator and love making cakes with just buttercream and piping.  To me, they are like an open invitation for your creativity and a blank canvas in which to work and design from.

Whimsical also screams with their fun designs and the vibrant use of colors in their buttercream cakes.  Additionally, it was really interesting reading in how they make their house buttercream as it is a technique that was new to me but very creative that uses boiling water.  It’s delicious.

Whimsical Bakehouse Cakes

A great cookbook for any cake decorator and buttercream enthusiast! Loaded with great cake recipes that will leave your mouth happy!

Oh, I might add that the chocolate cupcakes and chocolate butter cake are simply wonderful.  Really, every recipe is fantastic.  This book just makes you happy looking through it and you are struck by all the creative ideas that unfolds in every page.

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