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Zucchini Lemons Peaches-Great for Baking

peach zucchini lemon on a tray display

Recently, you could probably tell from my previous posts how much I’m enjoying the inspiration Farmers Markets are giving me this season. Walking up seeing all the delicious finds straight from the farmers fields is exciting in itself! I guess when you are a foodie, you live for this stuff, huh? Grabbing a basket full of zucchini, lemons, and peaches (lemons from the store) inspired me to make and share some of my favorite recipes.

I love supporting our local farmers and hands down, there is nothing like getting the freshest of the fresh in produce. There is no comparison in taste and texture. Every weekend I make a trip just a few miles from where I live to our local market and I get kind of carried away seeing all the great produce here in Alabama.

Come with me on my journey with zucchini, lemons, and peaches.


First up, delicious peaches. Growing up in GA peaches were like apples, we ate them all the time. Being a GA peach myself, it just has stuck with me and still love them till this day. My favorite pie is peach! Funny memory, I use to be a bat girl for my brothers baseball team and remember so well eating peaches before every game.

Here are some of my favorite creations:

Peach Cobbler

Ok, this is my all time favorite peach recipe. I grew up eating this over and over again. This is soooo good, all times of the year. Especially delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Recipe is here if you like to give it a try. I think most of us southerners have this recipe in our heirloom recipe box.

One of my recent memories of this (been a few years) , I made this one day at for my Chef, he hailed from France. Even he loved it! Probably thought it was pretty simple but I was able to share a little “south in your mouth” with him, in return for all the great French techniques he taught me!!!

Peach Blueberry Tea Cakes

peach tea cakes on a platter

These are a take on the peach cobbler with added blueberries in them for texture and color. These make great mini snacks and perfect for a tea party. See how I make them here.

Peach Cobbler Bars

Peach crumb Bars on a platter

You are probably catching on to a theme here….. Peach Cobbler maybe? I just took that theme and ran with it trying to find other ways to make this recipe into something new. These bars are so yummy, little sweet and creamy with a crunch on top. Try them out, recipe and post is here.

Peach Cherry Pies

baked cherry and peach pies on a sheet pan

Peaches and cherries share the stage showcasing a delicious summer play version of a pie, mini style. Super simple to make and oh so pretty. You get to be super creative in how you arrange the fruit in each pie. Kind of like a snowflake, every pie can be different!

You can find the “how-to” here.


I was so inspired seeing these beautiful and large lemons. I could hardly get home and decide what to make with them. You know, I use to not have a high affinity and liking for anything lemon. However, as I have gotten older I have come to LOVE the flavor of them. Truly add such a brightness and zing to everything! That makes me smile.

Lemon Lime Pie

Lemon Lime Pie

First up in the lemon department is a great light take on a traditional Key Lime Pie. It gets lightened up a bit with sour cream and not as tart as its cousin. I really love the flavor of this and you can make it with a pie crust or graham cracker crust. Choice is yours.

Check out the recipe here. It’s super refreshing on a hot summer day, really any day!

Blueberry Meyer Lemon Jellyroll

Blueberry Lemon Jellyroll cake presented on a platter

This one is fun, this jellyroll highlights the amazing flavor of Meyer Lemons. If you haven’t tried these, you definitely need to. They are a bit sweeter than the average lemon and the flavor is just outstanding! I only wish you could buy them year round!

This recipe uses both the juice and zest of the lemons and such a vibrant fun dessert for spring and summer. You can see how I made it here.

Lemon and blueberries are dynamite together!

Lemon Coconut Pound Cake

lemon coconut pound cake sliced

I saved the best for last regarding lemon desserts. My Grandmother’s pound cake that I have upgraded slightly to add some bright lemon and coconut flavor. This cake brings back so many memories and it was something I looked forward to so much growing up.

It holds a very special place in my heart and I love the updated version with a new flavor combination. Let me know if you make it and what you think, recipe is here.


Last but not least, is zucchini. Just love this squash. Not only can you use it in savory recipes, but also versatile in sweets. One of my favorites is muffins and cakes. Here are two that are yummy.

Zucchini Orange Muffins

baked zucchini muffin

Muffins are some of my favorite breakfast treats, this one uses fresh zucchini and orange. The orange really lightens up the recipe and adds that freshness. Not only are you getting your a delicious treat, but your fruit and veggies all in one! Also, I might add, and total win win. Like to try them out, here is the recipe.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

chocolate zucchini cake cooling on a rack

Who would of though chocolate and zucchini go so well together, but they really do! This cake is delightful and oh so good. You would NEVER know zucchini is in there. Its perfect for the kids and little do they know they are getting some veggies in with their chocolate. Wink Wink!

The recipe comes from my favorite magazine, Southern Living. You can find the recipe here. Its outstanding! I usually just make the Bundt cake and no icing. It totally stands on its own.

Hope you are inspired to grab some zucchini, lemons, and peaches and create something awesome!!!

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